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Talking Your Tech: Tyra Banks' new app helps you 'smize'

Smize Yourself! ($1.99) is all about teaching folks how to smile with their eyes.” - Jefferson Graham, USA Today

In which I video-chat with Tyra Banks, learn how to ‘smize,’ and I’m not quite sure what else

“You know you’ve been waiting for this and have to have it.” – John Koetsier, VentureBeat

CineXPlayer 2.8 for iPad adds split-screen video player / web browser, IMDb integration

CineXPlayer, at $3.99, is still the only video app for iPad that’s Dolby Mobile enhanced; if developer NXP Software keeps frequently updating the app, it should continue to be one of our go-to solutions for watching non-Apple friendly videos in .xvid and .avi formats …”  – Ellis Hamburger, The Verge

Can’t Code? No Business Plan? GameSalad and PlayHaven Partner to Hack Game Monetization

“LTV maximizing company PlayHaven and drag-and-drop game creation platform GameSalad know a thing or two about simplifying the life of developers.” – Michael Carney, Pando Daily

DataWiz Is a Complete Data Usage Tracking Tool for iPhone

“Essentially, DataWiz is a tool that not just lets you track your data usage, but actually get a good overall view of what you use, and when you use it.” – Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

Decanter Allows Anyone to Easily Create Interactive Storybooks

“With a self-contained toolkit, Decanter will give you the ability to quickly develop visually dazzling and interactive storybooks for mobile devices.” – Dave Banks, Wired

Get The Perfect Smize With Tyra's Smize Yourself App!

Always wanted to learn how to smize? There’s an app for that!” – Perez Hilton,

GoSum's creator wants to make math fun

“You don’t have to be a math whiz to appreciate the popular GoSum math app.” – Rick Limpert,

Battleloot Adventure Preview

“If you’re like me and you absolutely love character customization, there’s much to be excited about when Battleloot Adventure releases.” -Derek C. Tillotson, Gamezebo

TinyCo launches Tiny Village mobile game with new cross-platform engine

“Deploying to both platforms makes sense since Apple has strong monetization while Android has been growing rapidly.” -Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

App of the Day: ZombieBooth Lite

“I am really creeping myself out!” -Jim Handly, NBC 4 Washington

'Monster Hunter' Update Adds Twitter Support, New Monsters

“The sharing stuff in particular strikes us as a really meaningful addition. Monster Hunter has always been a game about exploitation. Talking with dudes about what you’ve done is a big part of the meta game, so being able to really get your voice and actions out there is a huge plus.” – Brad Nicholson, Touch Arcade

10 spooky iOS apps for Halloween: ZombieBooth Lite

“For a more turnkey approach to assembling an army of zombie pics, give the free ZombieBooth Lite app a try.” -Matt Elliott, CNet

Get Street Fighter II And Final Fight On Your iPhone

“Are you an App Store aficionado with a penchant for old-school pugilism? Then today may be your lucky day.” - Will Herring, GamePro

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Halloween: ZombieBooth

“Ever wonder what you’d look like as a zombie? If so, check out ZombieBooth to instantly transform your face into the undead.” - Jeana Lee Tahnk, Mashable

Monster Hunter Update

“All of today’s important App Store launches, price drops, and updates – in one place.” -Justin Davis, IGN

PlayHaven’s New Platform Lets iOS Developers Tweak Their Apps On The Fly

“This morning, PlayHaven is launching a new platform that allows iOS developers to launch and test content campaigns within their apps without requiring another trip through the approval arena. The idea is pretty simple, but it’s a clever one.” -Greg Kumparak, TechCrunch

FiLMiC Pro Brings Professional Cinematography To The iPhone

“FiLMiC Pro is a must-have utility for the serious media professional and iDevice owner.” -Luke Patrick, AppAdvice

Capcom Releases Final Fight And Street Fighter II Collection For iOS

“The Street Fighter II Collection, which includes SFII, Champion Edition, and Hyper Fighting, runs noticeably better. The new control options are also a nice touch.” -Isaac, TheSixthAxis

App of the Week: 'FiLMiC Pro' Grants Video Geeks Total Control

“For all the features [FiLMiC Pro] comes with, it’s a steal.” – Chris Gayomali,

No Wireless? No Worries. ForeverMap Gives You Offline Access to Maps

“While it doesn’t have every street corner mapped yet (of course, neither does Google Maps), it’s a pretty reliable option. [ForeverMap] lets you have a map in your pocket, or on your iPhone rather, that doesn’t require Internet connectivity.” -Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb

MeMap: Stalking your friends, made even easier

“For a new way to keep track of all your besties regardless of their electronic ankle bracelet situation, check out MeMap, an iPhone app that automatically plots the locations of all your Facebookies using their shared check-ins from all sorts of location-based sites.” -Thrillist

Explore Facebook Places checkins on a map with MeMap

“MeMap is a simple but effective app that adds a much-needed visual element to Facebook Places and if you and your friends check-in regularly.” -Martin Bryant, The Next Web

'Legendary Wars' iOS Review - The Three-Lane March To War

“If you walk away…you’ll be missing out on one of the strongest remixes of the “Plants Vs. Zombies” formula that the App Store has seen.” -Adam Rosenberg, MTV Multiplayer

Zombie Farm Will Generate "Double Digit Millions" This Year From In-App Purchases

“Free iPhone app Zombie Farm has a revenue run rate of ‘double digit millions.'” -Jay Yarow, SAI

ForeverMap: app gets you there from here

“The app is perfect for mobile users who don’t want to pay for a data plan or roaming charges. Download the maps once, and ForeverMap stores the data you need to navigate.” – Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post

How Outfit7 Built A Toy App Powerhouse

“Slovenian start-up Outfit7last year managed to quietly rack up more than 60 million downloads of its Talking Friends apps, led by its breakout hit Talking Tom Cat.” -Ryan Kim, Gigaom

More effects, social media options in FX Photo Studio HD

MacPhun on Tuesday launched a major upgrade to FX Photo Studio HD, its feature-packed photo-editing app for the iPad, adding more effects, tighter integration with social networks, and improved picture-sharing capabilities.-Joel Mathis, MacWorld

TUAW's Daily App: Captain Puzzle

“The superhero theme makes for some fun graphics and nice music.” -Mike Schramm, TUAW

Legendary Wars for iPhone Gizmodo App of the day!

“No offense, Plants vs. Zombies, but it might be time for a new tower defense game. If you’re ready to get serious about your defending, then the expansive RTS-RPG-tower defense hybrid Legendary Wars might be the new king.” -Kyle VanHemert, Gizmodo

Doodle Jump as the Next Movie Marketing Platform

“To get the word out, Universal has partnered with Lima Sky, the company behind the insanely popular Doodle Jump app. Starting in February, Doodle Jump users will be able to download a free software update that lets them unlock an Easter egg level (fitting) where they can play as the Easter Bunny character from Hop.” -Dorothy Pomerantz, Forbes

Doodle Jump game maker Lima Sky goes Hollywood with movie deal

“Doodle Jump comes from humble indie roots. Igor Pusenjak and his brother Marko (their company is called Lima Sky) created the app 18 months ago, and it has become a sensation with more than 8.5 million users on the iPhone.” -Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat

Doodle Jump's different sort of big screen debut

“Doodle Jump, one of the most popular apps on iDevices, has announced a film partnership with Universal Pictures that will work a bit differently than the usual game/movie tie-in.-Chris Morris, Variety

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