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Evaluation and Consulting

The Appular team shares your passion when it comes to mobile apps. That passion, along with our extensive experience in the mobile world, will give you a leg up on your competitors and allow us to, together, address and answer the following all-important questions:

- Who is our product’s target user?
- Are we monetizing in the most effective and efficient possible way?
- Who are our key competitors?
- How can we differentiate our experience from the rest?
- How can we break through the noise?

Leverage Appular’s experience and expertise to ensure that you’ve left no stone unturned!

Marketing Strategy and Execution

With hundreds of thousands of apps (and counting) across iOS and Android platforms contending for the top spots, it’s easier than ever for apps to get lost in the shuffle.

Our industry leading marketing professionals specialize in product positioning, competitive analysis, and monetization strategies that will help your app break through the noise and enjoy the success it deserves!


Our PR team is dedicated to not only constructing messaging that communicates everything your product has to offer, but delivering that perfect message in a professional and effective manner to ensure maximum visibility.

Be it creating the core messaging for each title and development studio we represent or helping start-ups plan long-term branding campaigns, when you are ready for your voice to be heard, Appular is here for you.

Media Buying

The mobile space has been rocked by the explosion of the smart phone market. While constructing efficient and cost-effective advertising campaigns has become more challenging, the potential rewards of exceedingly effective strategies have never been higher. Without the proper guidance, and with new advertising vehicles springing up every day, identifying and executing on the right advertising initiatives can be ineffective and sometimes, outright overwhelming.

Appular is here to provide you with short and long term ad-buying solutions that maximize ROI and ensure you aren’t navigating rough waters alone. Let us share our proven media buying strategies with you!

Social Media Strategy

The power of social media is undeniable and an absolute must in today’s mobile and social world.

Appular has a strong track record of successful ground-up social media campaigns across all of the major social media platforms. Our team will advise you on strategies covering community management, consumer-brand engagement and how to make sense of intricate social media analytics.

Take the guesswork out of social media by reaching out to our proven social media professionals!

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Whether you’re a developer, reviewer, or someone who’s doing amazing things in the app industry, we want to hear from you! We’re here and we’re listening!

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